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AAMCO Irving TX Is Dedicated to Service

AAMCO was originally established in 1963. Its car centers have performed repairs and service on over 20 million transmissions across the nation. AAMCO Irving TX is independently owned and operated, and our Irving, TX automotive care center is proud of its membership with AAMCO and its ongoing tradition. We value the drivers who rely on us for full-service automotive care. Customers can always trust us to focus on their satisfaction on a local and national scale.

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Technicians Let You Drive without Worry

AAMCO has 50 years of history in the automotive industry, and you get additional peace of mind from their 20 years of servicing newer cars. Your vehicle is in good hands with our technicians handling your automotive repairs and service. Bring your car to us if your check engine light comes on, and we will happily examine it to find the cause. Be sure to request our multi-point check free of charge when you come to our auto care shop. We take the worry out of your daily driving.

Nationally Recognized Service on Transmissions

AAMCO Irving TX is a member of AAMCO’s nationally recognized manual and automatic transmission experts. Our service technicians specialize in complete transmission services drivers need for their vehicles. We perform every service and repair with expert care, whether you visit us for a transmission flush, filter maintenance, a complete transmission rebuild, or minor repairs. You get the best quality repair services from us with our advanced computer and electrical diagnostics. And we offer a free inspection of any vehicle, whether you drive a foreign or domestic vehicle of any make or model. There is no need to take your car, truck, or SUV to a dealership for regular service or repairs. Our auto shop has the training and expertise to perform all fleet and factory-scheduled repairs and maintenance at a competitive price.

All Our Repairs Are Backed by Warranty

AAMCO Irving TX backs all our automotive repairs with a minimum one-year warranty. Our technicians always repair your vehicle using the best-quality parts, ensuring your complete satisfaction with our service. You do not need to make an appointment to visit us for any automotive service, but we do recommend scheduling one to ensure our availability when you arrive. We also keep your repairs and maintenance more affordable by extending financing options and special offers. Your vehicle deserves the best possible service with the best value. Contact us today for a free appointment to let our technicians examine your vehicle and help you drive safely!

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